With Advantrix, you can spend your time on your patients.

• 100% Electronic Filing for a 7-14 day reimbursment cycle
• Follow up on outstanding increasing collections revenue
• Audited claims before filing for reduction in claim rejections
• Detailed/customized reports for an assesment of your bottom line

Finding the right solution for you

Advantrix offers a host of services covering a wide array of medical billing; processing, denial management, aging cleanup, collections, data management, analytics and technology services.


Advantrix serves a wide variety of practices, our mission being to cater our service offerings and utilize our years of experience to fulfill each practice’s individual needs. If our pre-built solutions need some adjustment to work for you, you can put your faith in our ability to create a custom solution that suits your unique practice.

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Your Personalized Custom Solution

“We thought our Billing was streamlined until we met ADVANTRIX! Always responsive and prompt, they’ve optimized our collections. We value their partnership and appreciate their commitment for ever enhancing service level.”

Pierre Leger. M.D

“With Advantrix’s support, we’ve noticed our billing and reimbursement services becoming more efficient, and our operations running more smoothly,”

Jainish Vashi
Physical Therapist

“Their extensive expertise and dedicated customer service makes each client feel valued.”

Philip Pesce, MSPT
Physical Therapist

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