September 24, 2021

Healthcare Professional by Day, IT Specialist by Night? How to Assess Your IT Needs and Outsource

As a healthcare professional, you shouldn’t have to be an IT expert. Unfortunately, many physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and specialists like cardiologists find themselves having to tackle a seemingly never-ending list of IT services. While most medical practitioners take on some non-clinical duties as a matter of course, acting as an IT specialist is a whole other ballgame. The use of technology in the healthcare industry is crucial, but it requires a constant amount of care and attention, just like your patients do. Rather than doing it all yourself, learn how to assess your needs and outsource for these IT expert services.


Healthcare Technology

The power that technology has afforded the healthcare industry is astounding. The right combination and use of healthcare software, systems, and equipment has proven to ease workflows, lower costs, improve patient care, and more. One of the biggest game-changers is electronic health records (EHRs), which are digitized patient records stored in a central location. In fact, according to a survey by the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 85% of doctors use an EHR system in an office setting. Implementing this requires the following, which can lead to burnout when doing it on your own:

  • Equipment Configuring – Advantrix has the capability of optimizing equipment for you, ensuring that it serves your practice’s needs.
  • Equipment Procurement – From start to finish, Advantrix can support you with the process of obtaining everything you need.
  • Equipment Setup – Advantrix offers IT expert services for in-house software setup, so you’ll be able to start inputting patient records right away.
  • Equipment Maintenance – Advantrix has a team of professionals that will assist with any problems that your office incurs.

Healthcare technology and solutions like EHRs require a great deal of time and an advanced skill level to purchase, configure, set up, and maintain. Getting help from sources that can provide IT expert services is essential.


Optical Storage

Cloud-based data management has become the name of the game for various industries. As technology has advanced at such a rapid pace, so has the amount of information that organizations accumulate. Organizing and storing this information has become a monumental challenge. In healthcare in particular, organizations must contend with how to handle digitized patient records in a way that protects patient confidentiality and meets privacy regulations. Over time, these files can fill your allotted computer hardware storage space.

The good news is that healthcare organizations no longer need to take on the expense and struggle with the limitations of computer hardware. Cloud technology provides an easy, low-cost solution to storing enormous sets of data files. In addition, the cloud is a secure environment, so there’s little worry about issues related to patient privacy and compliance. Navigating how to set up your medical facility so that everything is maintained in the cloud can be complex. Advantrix has a team that knows how to operate this type of electronic storage medium, and we can put it to work for you.

Advantrix also offers a specialized practice management system called Opteli. It’s an in-house, web-based application that can give you an easy way to access your patient data and view reports on the financial health of your practice. Opteli is also unique in that it allows you to reach out to patients. There are many options using this HIPAA-compliant service, such as sending appointment reminders and receiving confirmations through SMS text messaging. As cell phone technology has become a part of everyday life, approaches like these are really beneficial for you and your patients.


Website Design and Development

It’s not uncommon for independent professionals to act as web designers as well. It can be a fun activity on the surface, but it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to do it well. Your website serves as more than just an attractive and convenient place for patients to get information. It also should have interactive tools in place to ensure a good user experience. In healthcare, a strong online presence is one of the most important parts of successfully marketing an organization’s services.

Setting up a website involves a range of tasks, including planning the layout, creating the design, and developing graphics and content. Depending on the function of the site, you may have to go deep into the back end and do some coding. Unless you have a background in programming, you’ll likely find this task to be overwhelming. If your website is not programmed correctly, you could end up with a poorly performing site — and frustrated patients. Advantrix can help you improve your practice’s presence on the web. We provide expert IT services, including content writing, graphic design, and website programming.


At Advantrix, we provide a host of services for clients just like you. Our technology services allow you to receive on-demand assistance in all areas of need, whether for equipment, patient management, optical storage, or web design and setup. If you’re looking to outsource your IT needs, contact Advantrix to get more information.


Image Credits: Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash