Advantrix: A Cure for “Billing Syndrome”

According to Dr. Cengiz Yucel of Natural Pediatrics, there is one chronic disease that plagues all medical practices: Billing Syndrome.

While your case may be mild or advanced, Dr. Yucel notes that this is something every practitioner struggles with, because medical training prepares you to become an excellent doctor — not an expert in billing or revenue cycle management. 

“You are trained for being a medical doctor. You are, indeed, a good one — maybe even an excellent one,” says Dr. Yucell. “You are great in the exam room, create wonders of medicine, heal people, touch lives, [and] eradicate disease.”

The problem comes in when experts trained to practice medicine are also tasked with the administrative burden of billing.


A Chronic Condition

Whether you are an independent provider or working for a practice, Dr. Yucel points out that “there is one thing crucial for you to survive or even function: Billing.”

According to Dr. Yucel, the implications of poorly managed billing run the gamut from financial loss to a drain on time you would much rather spend helping patients. He describes the impact in vivid terms: “You heal everybody else but cannot be your own remedy, [and] continue to suffer and bleed from billing, loss after loss, pennies and dimes and dollars add up… In [the] life of a practice, if you calculate the potential losses from this illness, it is huge!”


Advantrix: Medicine for Billing Syndrome

There is good news, however; Dr. Yucel notes that there is a medicine for the effective treatment of Billing Syndrome: a partnership with Advantrix. Working with Avantrix has healed his practice of Billing Syndrome, and he believes it can do so for many other practices, even those with advanced cases. 

Dr. Yucel recommends the “Advantrix Solution”:

“It will improve your loss of revenue symptoms — it did for my practice…

It will improve your lack of attention symptoms for your billing concerns — it did for my practice…

It will definitely improve your unpaid claims symptoms — it did for my practice…

It will end your customer service headache immediately — it did for my practice…

For your mild or advanced Billing Disorder, Advantrix is your medicine!”


Image Credits: Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash