Stellar Support for Pediatric Practitioners

When your practice is known for providing the highest quality of care for children and adolescents, it’s important to have patient management software and support that’s just as on-point and productive. That’s why Mahi Pediatrics, a Newark based practice specializing in pediatrics, has been working with Advantrix for over ten years.

Mahi Pediatrics has a long history of providing exceptional care to infants, children, and teenagers in the Newark community and surrounding areas. Their practitioners and support staff make the needs of their patients their top priority with a dedication to  excellence in patient care, education, and outreach programs.


Streamlining Patient Management

Mahi Pediatrics partnered with Advantrix to leverage Advantrix’s innovative virtual platform and exceptional customer service in managing patient intake and billing. According to Dr. Rao, Advantrix has mastered the integration between patient intake and electronic health records. “Advantix provides best in class software for patient intake management software and provides seamless integration with EHR.”


More Than a Product

Advantrix’s ability to meet the Mahi Pediatrics’ evolving needs — including assisting with integration for Abbott Covid testing — has led Dr. Rao to recommend them to colleagues looking for stellar support. 

“We don’t think there can be better support provided than what the Advantrix team provides,” says Dr. Rao. “Advantrix’s team takes supporting clients on top of any other task. Even when their staff is going through difficult times such as during Covid-19, the support remained.”

For the team at Mahi Pediatrics, Advantrix offers the best product, support, and UI design — everything they need to keep their practice thriving. According to Dr. Rao, Advantrix brings far more than a product to the table: “[It’s] more of a partnership.”  


Image Credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels